Programmes de bioéthique

Students wishing to pursue doctoral studies in bioethics at the University of Montreal are admitted into one of two interdisciplinary doctoral programs offering the Bioethics option. Please contact Bryn Williams-Jones (514-343-6111 #4881) to discuss the application process.

PhD in Biomedical Sciences, bioethics option

The Bioethics option of the doctoral program in biomedical sciences aims to train researchers and specialists in the field of bioethics. Candidates have a strong background in biological sciences or related fields in the biomedical sciences. The reflexive and interdisciplinary approach enhances the field of expertise of doctoral students and trains them in theory and research methods relevant to the exploration of specific issues in bioethics. Students enrolled in this programme are attached to the Biomedical Sciences Program, Faculty of Medicine.

  • BIE courses: 6 cr. obligatory
  • Elective courses: 6 cr.

PhD in Applied Human Sciences, bioethics option

The Bioethics option of the doctoral program in applied human sciences prepares the graduate to analyze problems and social issues of the day, with a focus on bioethics. The programme is based on an approach combining theory and practice and may have a practical application. The possible fields of research encompass areas such as health policy, public health, health and culture and economic issues related to health. Students enrolled in this program are attached to Applied Human Sciences Programme of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

  • BIE courses: 6 cr. obligatory
  • SHA courses: 9 cr. obligatory
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